‘s projects as an Initiator:

Galileo-based solutions for urban logistics


GALENA utilises a robust, GNSS-based liability binding application that enables different carrier operators to join an ‘Urban Logistics Community’ to timestamp, geo-locate and formalise their trip and all related events. The GALENA Logistics Information System, which is based on an existing system, has been adapted so it can exchange and store end-to-end authenticated data between all stakeholders, meaning goods can be traced and managed across the entire supply chain. Stakeholders can use a web application to continuously supervise and track transactions and support the decision making process.

European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme


NexTrust was an EU-funded project which brought together 31 partner organisations to drive collaboration in the logistics industry. Its objective was to increase efficiency and sustainability in European logistics.

The project successfully concluded in October 2018 after delivering several breakthroughs in the freight transportation market. These included: